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On 24 June 2020, the CSI organized its 3rd “Meta Meeting of Soy Initiatives” to engage global and regional soy related initiatives.

Based on the outcome of the discussions so far, 5 interrelated core actions for making scale and creating impact were identified. For each of these actions, presentations of what is already being done were shared to the group. A first discssion took place regarding: different perspectives on change,  dilemmas or incompatibilities in those, and potential useful matching options.

The Accountablity Framework presented its aligned definitions, roadmap guidance and assessment tools:

 The 5  interrelated core actions and the presentations:

1.     Promote ambitious, compatible sustainability targets by users to create scale for conversion free sustainable soy

2.     Based on these goals & targets create consistent (at least compatible) asks to traders and producers

3.     Develop a shared narrative of these asks

4.     Engage with traders and producers to create effective and constructive communication about asks

5.     Create incentives for producers to meet requirements