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Our vision

 100% conversion free sustainable soy production and market uptake, on a global scale



Our values

Independence, credibility, transparency and inclusiveness

Our mission

The mission is three-fold, namely:

  1. Inform about the actions that are on-going;
  2. Facilitate synergies between stakeholder initiatives and actions;
  3. Come-up with new actions that are not yet done, but needed and when relevant to (1) and (2) (Example: organising webinars, create information tools, …)

The long-term objective of the initiative is 100% conversion-free, sustainable soy production and market uptake, on a global scale. The short-term goals are to:

  1. Create a neutral, transparent, and inclusive space for implementation of the CSI mission;
  2. Implement practical common actions to facilitate systemic changes in and beyond the soy supply chain;
  3. Create a market pull for conversion-free, sustainable soy by engaging all influential and willing supply chain stakeholders;
  4. Work together on systemic changes beyond the soy supply chain.

Our added value

CSI provides added value to on-going initiatives and does not seek to duplicate efforts nor fund new initiatives. 

The Collaborative Soy Initiative focuses on communication and actions that foster synergies between stakeholders. All partners will benefit from these synergies in terms of learning, outreach, cost reductions, transparency, joined lobby, and other.

Together with existing global and regional soy initiatives we have developed a shared narrative, to combine the best of approaches for genuine impact on field and market with conversion-free sustaianble soy strategies:

a Two-pager

a full Narrative

and, a Magicube tool, explained by the narrative.

If you use these materials, thanks for referring to CSI and Proforest,

and..... do let us know your experience, to keep on learning and improving!


Heleen van den Hombergh