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Upcoming and past events

The mission of the Collaborative Soy Initiative, within the wider pursuit of 100% deforestation and conversion free sustainable soy, is to inform on sector-wide actions that are on-going, to initiate new actions that are needed and to facilitate greater synergy between actions. 

That is why the Collaborative Soy Initiative organizes collaborative meetings with open discussions, expert sessions, and open information webinars for the wider soy sector. Questions that are addressed and discussed are a.o.: How to foster collaborations between the different soy initiatives? How to align on hurdles for deforestation and conversion free soy and how to reinforce our efforts to solve these hurdles? What are practical steps to scale up deforestation and conversion free soy? How to combine supply chain and landscape approaches? How can the financial sector contribute? How can LCA and carbon footprint methodologies stimulate the transition to deforestation and conversion free sustainable soy?

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