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General organisation

CSI Coordinator Heleen van den Hombergh

The group of experts – from different sectors - currently involved in CSI agreed on the following lean governance structure: 

  1. CSI Board
  2. CSI Executive Committee/Project management
  3. Working Groups


CSI Chair Lieven Callewaert


the Collaborative Soy Initiative BOARD
Lieven Callewaert - Chair CSI Voting right: yes
Heleen van den Hombergh - Board secretary and Coordinator of CSI  Voting right: yes

Johan den Hartog- Treasurer CSI                                                                                                                                        Voting right: yes

Soy standards
Emese Brosz - ProTerra Executive Director - Representative Voting right: yes
Susanne Fromwald - Donau Soja Executive Director - Representative Voting right: yes
RTRS:  see Observers Voting right: no
Gerhard Adam - Bayer - Representative Voting right: yes
Lucas Vogt  - ACT Commodities - Representative Voting right: yes
Jose Villalon - Nutreco - Representative, - retired as per June 2023 Voting right: yes
Civil society organisations
NGO representative, up for replacement Voting right: yes
Jean-François Timmers - WWF Brazil - Representative Voting right: yes
Roland van der Post -GMP+ International- representative Voting right: yes
Peter de Koning - Mekon Ecology - ADP Secretariat Voting right: yes
Observers: no voting rights
Olatz Armengod/Beatrix Richards - IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative                                                                                             

Eddy Esselink- MVO, oils and fats sector

Laura Villegas/Evert Raymakers- RTRS

Project management

The daily matters are dealt with by an Executive Committee. The CSI activities are organized by the project manager/coordinator with the following key functions:

  • Provide a neutral contact point to convene stakeholders and build a soy community, facilitating communication between engaged stakeholders
  • Take up the daily secretariat of the CSI Board meetings: prepare agenda and pre-reads, convene the meetings together with the Chair, draft the minutes and manage or lead the follow-up actions
  • Convene, prepare and (co-)design the Meta Meetings between international and regional soy initiatives
  • Manage the operational functioning of the work
  • Lead the internal CSI communication working group: development and use of the communication tools
  • Manage the website and basic info hub.
  • Prepare background documentation and support materials when necessary