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State of play of European soy production by Donau Soja, and an update of initiatives in different European countries by ENSI,
with special attention to the cases of France, Switzerland and Sweden.

PDFs of presentations by: CSI/ENSI, Donau Soja, Swedish Platform for Risk Commodities, Duralim,and Swiss Soy Network

On the 23rd of March, we updated you about European soy production and trade. During this annual session, the experts of Donau Soja informed us about the latest developments of soy production and trade in Europe, with special reference to Ukraine. We also looked at opportunities for European soy production,  in the light of upcoming legislation, and in response to new varieties and shifting potentials caused of climate change. Do check out this unique knowledge shared by Donau Soja.

Then, three National Soy Initiatives explained how they are working towards responsible and deforestation and conversion-free soy – and how recent developments influence their strategy. This time, we provided you with insights from France, Switzerland and Sweden.


Welcome & Opening -   by Heleen van den Hombergh – CSI

  • About CSI and the multiple routes to conversion free sustainable soy

Short introduction of the session - by Doutzen Wagenaar – ENSI

  • Introducing ENSI & Soy in Europe: the bigger picture

Soy production in Europe – by Leopold Rittler & Volodymyr Pugachov  – Donau Soja

  • Soy production in EU and geographical Europe – latest insights by Leo Rittler
  • The effect of the war in Ukraine  by Volodymyr Pugachov
  • Challenges and opportunities for soy production in Europe by Volodymyr Pugachov

Responsible soy in 3 European countries:

  • Swedish Platform for Risk Commodities and soy- by Miriam Thunborg
  • Duralim (France): Deforestation-risk in the Soy Observatory- by Eloise Mas.
  • Swiss Soy Network: Combining national & international soy policy -by Moritz Teriete

Q&A &  closing

Organizers: CSI with ENSI