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CSI has often paid attention to farmers incentives, of course. But we do need to return to this hard nut to crack it. New regulations such as EUDR may provide for a tangible stick but this will not be enough to seduce sufficient farmers into conversion free sustainable soy. What is the current state of the art of the financial carrots to do so at landscape scales? Listen to the experts and initiative takers, in this very information intensive webinar.

The opening by CSI, Heleen van den Hombergh

IDH on PCI compacts Cerrado, Aline Silva

IDH on Agri 3 Fund, Luiz Almeida

Responsible Commodities Facility (2023-2024), Steven Ripley

TNC on IFACC, Marcela Paranhos and Diego Ivanier

The full recording.

Mind the interesting conclusions and calls at the end after 60 minutes:

"Companies using soy, step in to help de-risk investments in conservation and sustainable production to ensure your long term supply of soy".


Venue: Online
Organizers: CSI with IDH and various green funds and sustainable finance experts:
Agri 3 Fund, The Responsible Commodities Facility, The Nature Conservancy-IFACC