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Argentina obtains much less attention for its role in soy (oil) production and sustainability than Brazil. But, for example over 2015-2019 it provided more than a quarter of Europe's soy use. This webinar is meant to dive into its facts, figures and examples of sustainability projects and policies. It will be a stepping stone to November meetings organized by RTRS, where also ground-work done in Argentina will get some special attention.
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Argentina is the world’s third world producer of soy, the first world exporter of soybean oil and the second of soybean meal. Argentina has its own agenda in terms of soy production and sustainable agricultural practices. The largest quantity is procuced in the Pampas (South), but also a part in the Gran Chaco (North). The Chaco is the largest forested ecoregion on the continent after the Amazon and the largest dry forest ecoregion in South America. It is a unique area in terms of biodiversity, and key to conservation as well as regulation of climate change.

We discussed soy production in the whole of Argentina and responsible soy production and conservation in the Gran Chaco. CIARA-CEC, Soy Chaco partners, ViSeC/ The Nature Conservancy and RTRS presented the latest developments in the region to address deforestation and conversion in soy production. This is going from programs of technical assistance to soy producers, to the implementation of recognized international certification schemes, to landscape restoration, to the development of a pre-competitive platform integrated by the entire soy value chain of the country.  A must for those who source in Argentina: options going rom targeted credit buying, verified DC and physical responsible DCF soy, building the base with the complementary initiatives as presented.

PDFs of the presentations:

Intro by CSI; CIARA, SoyChaco, ViSeC and RTRS.

Recording of the webinar.







Welcoming messages

Heleen Van Den Hombergh (CSI)/ also on behalf of RTRS and TFA



The role of Argentina as producer and exporter of soy

Gustavo Idigoras (CIARA-CEC)

On the importance of soy production in Argentina and its exports. Sustainability as a must to protect remaining forests.


Soy Chaco Program

Ulises Martinez  (FVSA)

FVSA/Solidaridad present the Soy Chaco landscape programme with RTRS, CRS and landscape restoration, on behalf of all partners



Josefina Vecino (TNC)

Presentation of ViSeC, their precompetitive platform and  traceability tool


The role of certification systems in the new scenario

Ana Laura Andreani (RTRS)

What changes, what remains in new settings, such as EU / UK Regulations?


Q&A and dialogue

Chaired by CSI:

Invite for reflection

& dialogue with all participants

How can Argentina be supported to enhance and market sustainable production and conservation?


Last remarks and closing

Heleen Van Den Hombergh (CSI)

Main takeaways and what is next.


Venue: 14:30-16:00 CET, online
Organizers: CSI with CIARA /Tropical Forest Alliance, SoyChaco project (FVSA/ Solidaridad), RTRS.