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Session for experts and interested stakeholders about the upcoming requirements of the EU Regulation for deforestation free products, and what it has and misses to create genuine impact on the ground.
No tool can create impact alone, we've learnt, we need combinations of sticks and carrots. The EU law enters the room with a strong "stick" approach. How can it be fit for purpose and how can the family of complementary measures and tools join in to create genuine conservation and social impact in soy (risk)landscapes together? The Trilogue between the European Commission, European Council and Parliament is happening right now. What can be expected?
After this ADP-ENSI-CSI expert meeting, a second one will follow soon after the Regulation's text is out. Implementation for soy, how? Be there with us!

Dialogue with input from Amsterdam Declaration Partnership, ENSI, research, industry and NGOs.




Welcome & opening by CSI coordinator

Heleen van den Hombergh

Welcome by ENSI

Tijmen de Vries

State of affairs EU Regulation.

Update provided by the  Amsterdam Declaration Partnership

Short Q & A.

Julius Seinen (Netherlands government), Peter de Koning (ADP)

Reflections on the way forward by some key stakeholders

  1. Will Schreiber (Retail Soy Group)
  2. Nathalie Lecoq/ Anton van den Brink (Fediol/Coceral/Fefac -tentative)
  3. Gert van der Bijl (Solidaridad)
  4. Many others, including Jane Lino, David d'Hollander, Fernando Sampaio, 

Dialogue with all

Concerns  and ideas regarding effective implentation.

From influence to impact, what is role role multi stakeholder collaborations such as National Soy Initiatives

Closing and announcement next meeting

2nd meeting on implementation of EU Regulation, Feb 2nd 2023 (tbc)

Venue: 14:30-16:00 CET
Organizers: Collaboration between CSI, ADP (Amsterdam Declarations Partnership) and ENSI (European National Soy Initiatives)