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Second session for experts and interested stakeholders about the requirements of the EU Regulation for deforestation free products, and what it has and misses to create genuine impact on the ground.
How can the EU Regulation - a strong "stick" approach - be implemented well to be fit for purpose and how can the family of complementary measures and tools join in to create genuine conservation and social impact in soy (risk)landscapes together? What should partnerships add, and what are their essential ingredients?

We had speakers from ADP (Julius Seinen), CSI (Heleen van den Hombergh) and IDH Brazil (Daniela Mariuzzo).

Full recording of the CSI webinar:

Click the links for the Powerpoints of the presentations:

The Collaborative Soy Initiative (intro EU regulation& Strategic Framework, partnership essentials)
 ADP/ Dutch government (EU Regulation: requirements, timeline, new insights and open questions) and

Idh Brazil (set up of PCI Compacts, ao Sorriso and Balsas). See also PCI website:

For questions and feedback write to:

Venue: zoom
Organizers: CSI with Amsterdam Declarations Partnership and ENSI