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How to move the soy market towards conversion-free responsible production? We know that incentives are a crucial element. But what kind of incentives do soy producers need?


Farmer incentives are an achilles heel of progress towards conversion free sustainable soy. In this webinar, experts discussed which ‘carrots and sticks’ make a difference. What is in it for producers? What financial or other benefits, in terms of better farm management, market access, premiums, and sustainability linked loans or other payments for their ecosystem services? We  also looked into the benefits for companies and governmental institutions, once producers have these incentives. What do they lose if the right carrots and sticks are not in place?

With key speakers from the new Responsible Commodity Facility and lessons learnt from the IDH-PCI landscape programmes in Brazil.

Who were the key speakers?

  • Pedro Moura Costa of SIM, manager of the Responsible Commodities Facility, will provide details about the new fund's financial mechanisms, with ample time for questions and dialogue. With Steven Ripley of Tesco.
  • Guilherme do Couto Justo of IDH will reflect upon his lessons learnt about farmers' incentives in the landscape work in Sorriso, Brazil, among else with RTRS.
  • Paula Freitas from Solidaridad Brazil will share the latest lessons on working with soy farmers and UK retailers involved in RCF.
View the recording of the webinar here
The presentation of Heleen van den Hombergh of CSI
The presentation of Pedro Moura Costa of SIM
The presentation of Guilherme do Couto Justo of IDH
The presentation of Paula Freitas of Solidaridad Brazil

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Venue: online
Organizers: CSI