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On 7 September CSI organizes the open information webinar, named "Land Use Change and Soy" with speakers from ProTerra, Solidaridad, FEFAC, Quantis and Blonk Consultants. More than 160 people registered for this event, showing a big interest for this topic.


  1. Introduction: Collaborative Soy Initiative and the Working Group “Make it Practical Emese Brosz, Managing Director ProTerra and Chair WG Make It Practical
  2. What is a product Life Cycle Assessment & how is it connected to the Carbon Footprint of soy? Alma Acosta, Program Manager Solidaridad
  3. Legal frameworks and guidelines (EU PEF, Renewal of the FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines) Anton van den Brink, Senior Policy & Communication Manager FEFAC and Delanie Kellon, Decision scientist for natural resource management and sustainable agriculture
  4. Methodology: Guidelines for Land use change and limitation factors Jon Dettling, Michele Zollinger, Lead on land use change carbon emissions, Quantis
  5. How to integrate and calculate Life Cycle Assessment emissions based on available data?  Jasper Scholten, Manager LCA Blonk Consulants 

For the recording of this webinar, click here 

Venue: online
Organizers: All participants of the Collaborative Soy Initiative, but mainly ProTerra, NEVEDI, SOLIDARIDAD, FEFAC, QUANTIS and Blonk Consultants