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The EUDR and other EU Regulations and Directives keep many in the sector busy. The Collaborative Soy Initiative seeks to guide companies in complying with these regulations, while applying a combination of instruments to achieve a maximum impact.

By promoting the consumption of ‘deforestation-free’ products and reducing the EU’s trade related impact on global deforestation and forest degradation, the new Regulation on deforestation-free products or EUDR has been created by the European Commission to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss.

Soy is one of the seven commodities covered by the EUDR. Building on and referring to the work of many others, the guide 'EU Compliant Soy with Impact: Guiding companies through the guidelines' helps companies prepare for the EUDR and other EU legislation, implementing solid policies and procedures to address deforestation, ecosystem conversion and broader sustainability challenges and have genuine impact on the ground.

The guidance shares six major recommendations. Focusing on conversion-free sustainable soy, we recognize the need for multiple measures and the work of many soy and other important initiatives.

> Download the guide here.