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On 24 June 2020, the CSI organized a first “Meta Meeting of Soy Initiatives” to engage global and regional soy related initiatives. The objective of this  first meeting was to explore common ground and to build up common understanding about shared topics. The focus of the meeting was therefore on open discussions, applying the Chatham Houserules and enabling as such to share and speak freely. The meeting is followed up by a second one in September 2020, with the goal to dive further into collaboration opportunities.

Preparations, one pagers

We asked to draft and share some information in advance. The goal of this preparative work was to enable the organizers and all participants to prepare optimally the meeting.

  1. the information sheet describes the main topics of each initiative
  2. the information sheet contains information of the initiatives about opportunities for achieving deforestation free sustainable soy, encountered hurdles and opportunities for collaboration

You can find the preparatory information with the one pagers here


  • 3 PM Introduction, house rules and goal of the meeting
  • 3.15 PM Open discussion, based upon the reflection on the 3questions (all)
  1. Opportunities encountered for achieving deforestation/conversion free responsible/ sustainable soy
  2. Hurdles encountered to do so
  3. Perceived need/opportunities for further collaboration with other initiatives
  • 4 PM 2 simultaneous breakout sessions (all, divided in 2 groups)
  1. Achieving stronger market uptake of deforestation/conversion free soy in context of upcoming legislation
  2. Creating impact on the ground
  • 4.30 PM Summarizing discussion in break out groups (moderators)
  • 4.40 PM What do I take home, what do I expect of the next meeting (all)
  • 5 PM Closing
Venue: (closed)