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The fifth European Soy Monitor shows that in 2021, 40% of soy consumed in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and the UK was certified, either via credits or via other chain of custody models.

The new EUDR will change trade modalities of soy in EU, concentrating on strict traceability, deforestation free and legal production, from 2025 onwards. According to the report, while EUDR is steering on traceability of the full volume, the 40 % certified soy indicates that companies in Europe have shown interest and taken actions on a broader sustainability agenda for soy. Concentrating on legal compliance and tackling deforestation alone would be a step backwards from the set of sustainability criteria that most of the current certified soy covers, including responsible chemicals management.

A combination of mandatory and voluntary tools, including different ‘sticks and carrots’ is important to address conversion of natural ecosystems, and promote and reward the sustainable production of soy. The report also pays attention to other tools than certification that can add to this set of measures.

The European Soy Monitor was introduced by IUCN NL and IDH to assess the uptake of certified soy in Europe and in individual European countries from 2017 onward. IDH has continued since. This fifth version is commissioned by seven organizations.

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Image: overview soy chart. © IDH