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One silo for certified soy, two silos for EU compliant soy, twenty silos for the rest of the market. Is this the scenario that unfolds with markets demanding different things? Is segregation the end station or does a sustainable commodity need to have the ground work in order in producing areas and consuming countries? How to move to a full supply chain and a supplier base without ecosystem conversion, legally compliant, responsible? Testing the ground for greening suppliers as an overarching approach.

Date: 16 June, 2022 Time: 14:30 - 16:00 CET

Click the links for:

The presentation on the Accountability Framework approach on cleaning suppliers by Karen Steer.

The presentation by TRASE on challenges in traceability in detail in the supply chain by Osvaldo Pereira and Tomas Carvalho

The presentation by WWF on deforestation and conversion free soy as a market baseline by Jean Timmers

The recording of the webinar, see comment for exact timing of the speeches by CSI, AFI, TRASE, WWF and dialogu

-Intro CSI: Heleen van den Hombergh 00.00-06:35 sec
-Karen Steer- AFI about why and what of clean supply & suppliers approach 06:59-20:15
-Osvaldo Pereira and Tomas Carvalho- TRASE on options and bottlenecks for traceability 21:45-34:00
-Jean Timmers- WWF on cleaning/greening suppliers approach 36:28-1:03:29
-CSI, panelists and participants on the challenges of the approach 1:04:00

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More information:

Venue: zoom
Organizers: CSI with cooperation and speakers from: Accountability Framework, TRASE, and WWF.