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The mission of the Collaborative Soy Initiative, within the wider pursuit of 100% deforestation and conversion free sustainable soy, is to inform on sector-wide actions that are on-going, to initiate new actions that are needed and to facilitate greater synergy between actions.

The open information webinars aim to:

  • Foster information flow to the wider soy sector regarding the current state of play of relevant sustainable soy topics. Questions that are addressed: Deforestation and conversion free soy: how to collaborate better to make it happen? What are practical steps to scale up deforestation and conversion free soy? How to combine supply chain and landscape approaches? How can the financial sector contribute? How can LCA and carbon footprint methodologies incentive the transition to deforestation and conversion free sustainable soy?
  • Foster collaborations. The webinars are organized by the different players of standard systems and environmental organizations and engage with external speakers. This collaboration is a case in point of the mission of the CSI.



# Webinar: EU policy developments in relation to soy. Focus on EU Taxonomy.

Date: 15 Dec 2020 1-2.15 PM CET

Organizers: all CSI participants

Link to registration: click here

Content: This webinar will offer a general overview of the European Union policy developments and their relevance for soy. It will also explain, in a very accessible way, the importance of the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, and its consequences for the soy value chain. The EU Taxonomy is a tool to help stimulate investment in sustainable economic activities. It is a new green language that companies need to learn in the coming years.


# Webinar: Land use change and soy

Date: 7 Sept 2020 

Organizers: all CSI participants, but mainly ProTerra, NEVEDI, SOLIDARIDAD, FEFAC, QUANTIS and Blonk Consultants

Recording: click here for the recording

Link to the Presentations: Land Use Change and Soy

# Webinar: Deforestation and conversion free soy: how to collaborate better to make it happen?

Date: 17 Sept 2019

Organizers: CSI participants, mainly by RTRS, IUCN NL, ProTerra, WWF and Donau Soja

Key question: The key question of the webinar is how to scale up and collaborate better between various initiatives to achieve 100% deforestation and conversion free responsible soy. Joining forces on common ambitions, sharing lessons and expertise, and aligning strategies to reach those, could be a significant accelerator in the efforts of building more sustainable soy supply chains.

Link to presentations: