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On 24 June 2020, the CSI organized a first “Meta Meeting of Soy Initiatives” to engage global and regional soy related initiatives. The objective of this was first meeting was to explore common ground and to build up common understanding about shared topics.

This meeting is followed up by a second one on 8 September 2020, which will go much more profound into already discussed topics, with the goal to align further on the solutions, hurdles, gaps, overlaps, and opportunities to collaborate.
1. Define and align on the real and most impactful hurdles (roadblocks) for deforestation and conversion free (DCF) sustainable soy as defined in the first meta meeting of 24 June
2. Summarize the contributions of each initiative to overcoming these hurdles
3. Define commonalities & complementarities
4. Define the gaps and how these gaps could be further addressed by some of us, and others
5. Define tangible next steps

Venue: online