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Between 2016 and 2019, 31 actors of the soy sector brainstormed around the key question: “What do we have to do, with all stakeholders together, to achieve 100% responsible soy?” The result of these brainstorms was a list of challenges and actions, which were prioritized and bundled into 4 action clusters.

These action clusters were defined as having the biggest impact for achieving deforestation and conversion-free, sustainable soy. The implementation of each action clusters is executed by a separate Working Group, with feedback loops to Steering Committee, which takes the final decisions on strategy, actions, and alignment with other initiatives. 

On 11 June 2019, the Collaborative Soy Initiative was presented to 50 experts of the soy sector, with representation of NGO, Industry, Trade and Finance and Producers. 35 representatives, ranging from civil society, NGO, producers, roundtables & standards, private companies, and sector federations, registered to participate actively in one or more of the working groups.

In 2020, each working group kicked off by setting up:

  1. its organisation and process
  2. the prioritization of the pre-defined actions
  3. the definition of new actions, potential synergies and overlap.

Each working group organizes at least 1 information webinar per year. 

Are you interested in joining this working groups?

Ariane Louwaege, coordinator CSI

# Working group Make It Practical

Participants: 19 from which producers (3), demand (6), NGO (4), finance (2), CS/RT (3), consultant (1)
Meetings: Kick off call on 4 March 2020. Frequency of meetings: 3 per year

Priority actions 2020:

  • Creation of the CSI information hub: gather already existing information in one place, in a user friendly and accessible way, targeting different user types
  • Assessment of the challenges, needs and opportunities of the soy producers
  • Foster the dialogue between soy initiatives: in depth discussions between the most relevant Eurpean and international Soy Initiatives
  • Organization of open webinar “land use change and soy” on 7 September 2020


# Working group Engage

Participants: 9 from which producers (1), demand (2), NGO (2), finance (2), CS/RT (2)
Meetings: Kick off call on 19 February 2020. Frequency of meetings: 3 per year

Priority actions 2020:

  • Government engagement with regards to the new Europe Taxonomy and/or other, such as the EU Green deals, EC action plan deforestation, China Framework, …
  • Vertical cooperation on physical supply, throughout the entire supply chain
  • Engagement with finance sector


# Working Come Together

This Working Group is replaced by the Meta Meetings of Soy Initiatives.


# Working Reach out

The actions of this Working Group are covered by all other Working Groups and Meetings.