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By the organization of in-depth exchange meetings, the Collaborative Soy Initiative seeks to initiate a bridge building process between the different initiatives committed to the deforestation and conversion free sustainable soy agenda.

These exchanges meetings, so called the Meta Meetings of Soy Initiatives, bring together the key representatives of the most relevant global and regional soy initiatives who are highly motivated to go one step further and to contribute even more than they already do today. In these metetings, the initiatives bring their expertise to the table to join forces and to reinforce each other.

The objective of these meetings is to create more synergy & more consistency between different approaches & strategies, to explore how the initiatives can be more complementary and mutually reinforcing and finally to identify the fields of intensive collaboration, by a process of collective thinking. 

Participants of the Meta Meetings

These meetings bring together the 15 most relevant initiatives with regional or global reach. The names of the participating initiatives and the coordinators can be downloaded here. 

The outcome of the meetings in 2020

The participants were asked to prepare a one pager with general information & specific information regarding their contributions and encountered hurdles regarding deforestation free sustainable soy. This survey can be downloaded here.

The Accountablity Framework presented its aligned definitions, roadmap guidance and assessment tools

We identified 5 interrelated core actions for making scale and creating impact that could benefit from our collaboration in CSI. Some example presentations of what is already being done were shared to the group and a first discssion took place regarding: different perspectives on change,  dilemma’s or incompatibilities in those, and potential useful matching options. The 5  interrelated core actions are:

1.     Promote ambitious, compatible sustainability targets by users to create scale for conversion free sustainable soy

2.     Based on these goals & targets create consistent (at least compatible) asks to traders and producers

3.     Develop a shared narrative of these asks

4.     Engage with traders and producers to create effective and constructive communication about asks

5.     Create incentives for producers to meet requirements